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There are a number of web sites displays text in Indian as well as in other Asian languages, such as online news papers, magazines etc.,. However, the texts are available only for viewing on a specific plat form. Usually, the proprietary font must be downloaded with the file. It is important for us to be able to view as well perform search and other operations on texts in Indian and other Asian languages available over the world wide web (or floppies or CDs), independent of the hardware or software platform.

Web Circuit India could over come this problem by internationally accepted BitStream WebFont technology and Microsofts DynamicFont technology. It is also known as 'Online Font', 'Web Font', 'Dynamic Font ' etc. There are problems in doing this because currently most of the sites on Indian language texts are not following any coding standards. Most of the dynamic font tools offer you the option of recording the "lower 128" character set. This is sufficient for English language but does not satisfy more character Indian languages. We are using 'Character set sub setting ' (It is the process of reducing the character set of a font to match the range of characters used in a specific document) and font restructuring to the standard ACII scheme (alphabetic code for information interchange) to solve all these problems.

Dynamic Fonts are a condensed font file that can be imported to a user's computer for use on the web. These are fully scalable, and can be viewed in Netscape Communicator 4.x for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix and in Internet Explorer for Windows.

Dynamic fonts let you publish HTML documents with the assurance that your readers will see what you wanted them to see, regardless of language or font. You can use either FONT FACE tags or Cascading Style Sheets (level 1) to specify the fonts in a document. The standard for the new CSS2 (Cascading Style Sheets level 2) includes mechanisms for specifying dynamic fonts in style sheets. This is called the @font-face rule and is designed to work with all browsers.

Dynamic fonts are downloaded with an HTML page, the same way as GIF and JPEG images. Unlike GIFs, Dynamic Fonts are made with typing text in a FONT tag, thus if you make a typo, you won't have to make a new image. Also, Dynamic Fonts are cached so that you only need to call them once on your index page, then you can use them for all the HTML documents on your website.

Benefits of Dynamic Fonts

  • They rely on standard HTML tags.
  • They are smaller than bitmap, GIF and JPEG images.
  • They reduce the download time
  • They allow web authors to format text.
  • They are fully scalable to any size or resolution.
  • They dynamically display text based on the user's display.
  • They allow you to copy and paste the text you have preserved.
  • They preserve text, which users can search through.
  • They include a security technology called 'DocLock' So your font support only your own files.

Our prices are affordable even for small organisations, starting from Indian Rs. 3500/-. (US $ 60). For 'burning' (making) a WebFont for your site all you need is to send us your existing TrueType font. We will try and modify it to satisfy the browsers. Then we will send you the PFR,EOT and adequate instructions. More information regarding this issue is available in our FAQ section. If you are interested in having your WebFont developed by us, kindly contact us on design@webcircuitindia.com

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